Backpack the River-to-River Trail
The River-to-River Trail runs along the area within the Shawnee
between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This particularly scenic
and flora-rich path covers about 160 miles of moderate to
difficult terrain and usually takes about 14 days to complete. It
connects with the American Discovery Trail at the western end
of the trail.

Climb Garden of the Gods
Wandering through the hills of the eastern Shawnee will bring
you to peculiar sandstone bluffs and layered stone cliffs. The
steep and rocky nature of the Garden of the Gods Recreations
Area is very appealing to those in search of rappelling and rock
climbing. For more rock climbing in, try Jackson Falls and
Draper's Bluff, two favorites among locals.

Ride High Knob
The High Knob Trail is a horse route that weaves throughout
Shawnee's eastern hardwood forest, over moderately rugged
ground and towards the Garden of the Gods Wilderness Area.
Along the way are points of interest including scenic High Knob
Lookout and Pounds Hollow Recreation Area. The trail has easy
access to the River-to-River Trail.

Paddle Lusk Creek
This pristine stream is also one of the Shawnee's most
picturesque canoe routes. It meanders gently through the eastern
portion of the forest, which is strewn with cliffs, canyons and
wildflowers. Its particularly scenic shores offer bird watching,
mushroom hunting, and hiking.
Fish"The Murph"
The Shawnee is filled with ponds and lakes that provide
excellent fishing. Murphysboro Ranger District is filled with
fishing destinations where you can find sunfish, largemouth
bass, channel catfish, trout, walleye pike, and muskie. Popular
sites include Horseshoe Pond, Lake Kincaid, and Cedar Lake.
Both the Vienna and Elizabethtown Ranger Districts offer
excellent fishing, as does the Ohio River, which is frequently
referred to as one of Illinois' "best-kept fishing secrets."

Bike Williams Hill
Located in the Western part of the Shawnee, this moderate to
steep trail weaves its way along the highest point in southern
Illinois - - Williams Hills. Elevation varies greatly, an the trail
can become downright difficult in stretches. It includes both
well-packed fire trails and dirt singletrack paths. A point of
interest along the way is the paddling destination Little Lusk

Explore the Wild Shawnee
Some incredibly rare species, such as the Indiana bat, eastern
woodrat, pygmy sunfish or blind cavefish make the Shawnee
their home, but are not likely to show themselves to any human
visitor. You'll have to content yourself with the Shawnee's
ancient bald cypress forests, hovering oak, and its 49 species
of mammals and 253 species of birds. Reptiles, amphibians and
fish abound in the wetland portions of the forest.

Camp the Pharaoh
Oddly-shaped rocks and curious sandstone cliffs decorate this
campground located in the Garden of the Gods Recreation
Area. These sites are nestled in the Shawnee Hills and provide a
great look at the unique topography that the nearby Garden of
the Gods Wilderness has to offer. The campground also
provides easy access to the Garden of Gods Observation Trail
and attractions including Camel Rock and Devil's Smokestack.
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