A legend of intrigue continues on at the Lafayette Inn
Legend has developed over the years that an underground tunnel connected the
two main building and perhaps extended well beyond the property as a route of
escape, if needed, during the mine and union wars that existed in Southern
Illinois in the late 1920s and which for a period of time resulted in the
Governor of Illinois declaring marshal law, a daily curfew, and ordering the
National Guard to patrol the city streets of Harrisburg.  Evidence of the tunnel
has never been found but older residents still believe it was just closed off and
still exists.  The current owners vividly remember the troops in full combat
uniform marching on the brick paved streets along side the Wasson Estate.

French Ambassador sends best wishes
Shortly after renaming the Inn, the new owners received a letter from the
Honorable Pierre Vimont, the Ambassador from France to the United States,
stating in part that "In honoring the memory of Lafayette in Southern Illinois, it
is precisely the friendship between our two peoples that you keep alive.  I
wholeheartedly thank you for that.  Speaking for myself and on behalf of all
the French people, I send you my best wishes for your endeavor".

Home baked muffins
The home baked muffins that are often prepared and served as part of the
elegant breakfast at The Lafayette Inn continue to receive high praise from
guests and have become a hallmark of the breakfast service.
National recognition
The New York Times in August 2008 brought
national attention to The Lafayette Inn when it
was favorably mentioned as a stop-over location
in an article concerning a driving tour of the early
civilizations of the Midwest.

About the Hise brothers
Brigadier General James Hise who passed away
in February of 2016 holds the distinction of being
the first Air National Guard Judge Advocate in
the United States to be promoted by the Air
Force to flag rank. Later, upon his retirement, he
was appointed by the Governor of Illinois to the
rank of Major General on the retired roles of the
Illinois Air National Guard. During the Korean
war, Colonel William Hise served as a Combat
Intelligence Officer with the famed Fourth
Fighter Group, was awarded the Bronze Star,
and has become a recognized authority on the
intelligence and intrigue that surrounded the air
war in MiG-Alley, being cited in the Air Force's
official history of the Korean war and in
numerous other books and publications.
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